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We are the Suit Bots FTC Team 4628, and we are a FIRST Tech Challenge team out of Monrovia High School in Monrovia, California.  We are part of the Monrovia Robotics Program along with three other teams: the Kings and Queens FTC Team 4625, RED FTC Team 4153, Thavma FTC Team 7553 and Spectrum FTC Team 8624.

Our team’s name comes from the fact that we wear suits to all of our competitions, but people will often ask us, “Why do you wear suits to the competitions?”  The answer is this: in our rookie year, we attended a Halloween scrimmage where there was a costume contest.  Because almost all of our membership owned a suit because they were in band, we decided to wear suits, and thus won the costume contest.  The idea has stuck since.

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  1. hey, you all have beautiful suits and did great saturday. do you guys and your program happen to be participating in the FRC event this year?

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