9.4.12-Our first meeting!!!


  • Fletcher
  • Erik
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Ares



  • Meet new team members
  • Take inventory of parts


Everyone went to a meeting in Mr. Dobson’s room and we were all introduced to robotics, although it was mostly just the new members.  After we had our teams assigned, All of the vets present on our team greeted the new members to our team which consisted of Dante, Chris, and Ares.  These new members now make our team have 8 people.  The returning vets consisted of Mark, Evan, Hunter, Fletcher, and Erik.  We showed the new members our work space and what kinds of parts we have to use to build the robot, we didn’t assign specific jobs yet at all because we don’t know what the competition will be this year yet.  We took inventory, showed around the new team members, took note of missing materials, and planned to order new ones.  We also began to reorganize resource and other various boxes.

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