10.16.12-A Logo from Treads


  • Erik
  • Mark
  • Fletcher
  • Chris
  • Dante
  • Hunter
  • Evan
  • Justin



  • Attach power switch
  • Make electronics work
  • work on the hardware of the robot

Erik and Fletcher and Erik attached the power switch and battery in a prototype sort of fashion which was useful because previously we had neither of those on the robot.

Fletcher showed an idea for a new hand to mark which would not only be cool but also pretty efficient as well.

Hunter designed a really cool logo for our team which consists of four chain links but together in a square shape.

Evan organized the wires and motor boxes, and wired everything together (It turns on!).

Mark got the robot parts ready to design a new arm, and came up with an idea of mounting the arm and hand on the scissor lift which will mount on the base of the robot.

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