12.14.12-The Poster, the Bot, and the Management


  • Mark
  • Hunter
  • Fletcher
  • Evan



  • Better cable management
  • Place the monitor in the poster board for the slideshow
  • Finish the poster
  • Finish the biographies
  • Create a Bill of Materials


Evan started the meeting by doing some cable management.

Hunter worked on making a new poster board for the competition tomorrow.  He cut a hole in the poster board and put a monitor in it so that we can display a slideshow of our amazing achievement.  Hunter is going to work on the poster board further when gets home.

Mark worked on writing some pages for the website such as the About Us page and the Biographies page.

Fletcher made a page Bill of Materials so that it is straight-forward to reprint it for each competition.

Hunter had an epiphany where he found that the current hand was inconvenient when another robot blocks us, but that we could reach over them by using a slide mechanism than moves forward and backward.

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