Presentation at Bradoaks Elementary


    • Mark
    • Evan
    • Hunter
    • Chris
    • Dante
    • Erik
    • Fletcher



  • Present our program and robot in an interesting way to the kids
  • Get them excited about robotics to join in high school


Today we got a new cart for our robot to hold it and all of our boxes and parts.  We went straight to Bradoaks elementary school to share our robotics program with the GATE (honors) students there.  It went very well.  All of the kids were excited and we did a before and after poll for who thought they may want to be in robotics in high school and there were many more after than before.  We let them drive the robot and talked about robotics in general, about all of its good, helpful qualities and how much fun it is as well as all of the hard work that goes into it.  Since we didn’t get to work on the robot today we will finish working on it tomorrow.

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