2.19.13-Getting Ready for San Diego Regionals


  • Mark
  • Fletcher
  • Evan
  • Dante



  •  Go over everything we have to do
  • Finish up unfinished posts in notebook
  • Add receipts and business page to notebook


We did a lot of planning and reviewing for absolutely everything we have to finish before Saturday.  We went over what was done from the earlier checklist on the twelfth and we have done just about everything.

  • All of the new pages are in the notebook including the business plan, receipts, and code.
  • The TeleOP and autonomous codes are finished with.
  • The display is finished and the fliers are designed and sent out to grade schools
  • We have made a sheet to overview the awards and highlight what we have done for each one

All we have left now is to reprint the notebook, put in all of the dividers, put in the arrow markers in the notebook pointing to highlights for each award, finish adjusting the drawer sliders on the robot, and get all of our consent forms to Mr. Porter.

Mark also worked on the notebook and now everything is up to date and we created spreadsheets for all of our costs and expenses and put it into the notebook.


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