Monrovia (We Hosted) 2.2.13


  • Fletcher
  • Dante
  • Erik
  • Evan
  • Hunter
  • Chris
  • Mark



  • Help teams that need it
  • Have a display for the robot
  • Have a generally impressive competition


Everyone got to the competition bright and early in the morning to finish setting things up and to make our display.

Hunter and Fletcher started the day off by going to the robotics room and printing stuff out for the poster board.  It had pictures and descriptions of the robot, pictures and biographies for the members of the team, our team insignia, and the logos of our sponsors.  Along with Mr. Porter, Hunter set up the monitor for our display.  Previously, it was completely  non-interactive.  This time, we had buttons powered with a Makey-Makey.  This made it so that a user could indicate what video he wanted to watch.  He could also say that he wanted to pause or play or reset the video.

Teams began showing up at about 7:30, causing inspections to commence.  It was Fletcher’s job to make sure that all teams were doing well with their inspections.  The Flee Bits struggled with getting though software inspection, so he showed them how to configure their NXT to pass.  After that, they passed inspection.  Another team had been denied field inspection, so Fletcher directed them to where field inspection was taking place (they had asked for it in the wrong place) and told them to ask the people there.  One team forgot a piece of plywood that made their ramp work, so he gave them some cardboard to replace it for the time being.

Erik, Dante, and Chris were in charge of the drivers/coaches entrance to the competition area.  They made sure that only the correct people went through that entrance.

Mark was a Queuer, and he made sure the queue line ran quickly and smoothly by getting each of the tams in their correct spots and giving each of them a red or blue flag.  He did this for most of the day and was extremely helpful and efficient.

Evan was a hardware inspector, and he inspected hardware.  After the inspections were over, Evan was around to help anyone with any task they needed which was very helpful.

Hunter was Mr. Bugert’s assistant, and he helped him with various remedial tasks such as running cables connecting displays and replacing parts, this continued until the actual competition began, when this happened there was not much need for Hunter so he helped do other various jobs whether it be film, or helping teams with their various problems.

At lunch, we showed off our robots to some children by letting them drive our robot.


Final alliance selection came and went and the finals happened.  The Flea Bits (whose first competition ever happened to be this one) ended up being the winning alliance captain and team Rebelution won the Inspire award.  Congratulations to them.

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