9.27.12-Customizing the Bot


  • Erik
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Mark
  • Evan
  • Hunter



  • Meet with Mr. Johnson
  • Work on telescopic arm
  • Prototype and improve hands


We got the opportunity to make parts from Mr. Brian Johnson.  He gave a talk for most of the meeting time about machining parts for us.  He is a skilled metal worker/cutter and he has offered to help us make any custom parts that we needed and he had a presentation about not only what was allowed but also possible ideas that other robots have used.  It was very interesting to see what other teams did on their robots last year as well as the wide range of parts that are available this year.  We are definitely planning on using a lot of custom parts to suit our needs which the supplies boxes we have could not otherwise supplied.  We improved upon the lifting mechanism today by mounting a sprocket high on the arm to make the chain not be rubbing against the metal parts.  We also improved upon the hand again by making a more stable design so it wouldn’t fall apart.

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