10.23.12-The Art of Interviews


  • Mark
  • Erik
  • Hunter
  • Evan
  • Dante
  • Chis
  • Fletcher



  • Learn about interviewing from Mrs. Johnson


Mrs. Gigi Johnson came in today and she spent the day teaching us how to interview properly.  She noted that many of the awards that allow for qualification to higher level tournaments involve interviewing well.  She said that a plan is very necessary; each person should know what it is specifically they are talking about.  Everyone should tell stories to support their arguments  instead of saying, “We’ve got good teamwork,” say “We’ve got good teamwork because we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses” (or something).  She also mentioned that we ought to know how to indicate to out other teammates when we’re struggling with a question.  We ought to give that person eye contact and do some sort of ball-throwing thing, like, “But the real expert on this is Bob.”  To make throwing the ball easier, she said that eye contact on the person currently speaking is essential.  It also prevents people from looking into space when they aren’t talking. Mrs. Johnson also made a list of things that we ought to be able to talk about.

Finally, she said that we ought to go into our interviews with a couple stories loaded, and if the interviewers don’t give us an opportunity to tell them, then we should tell them at the end of the interview when they ask if we have anything more to say.

Earlier in the day, Fletcher wrote a working autonomous (working meaning it’s a work in process) that will get in the way of the other team.

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