11.11.12-Helping out and Making a Hand


  • Evan
  • Fletcher



  • Work on the claw
  • Help the other team


Today was a Saturday build day at Evan’s house. We decided that all of the robot’s software files would be stored on Google drive so that one computer won’t have a more recent TeleOp or Autonomous than the rest of the computers.

Evan attached the claw on the robot. He also worked on machining a pulley mechanism so as to make it so our hand can move left and right.

Fletcher helped Amanda from The Kings and Queens (Team 4153) write an autonomous and a TeleOp. He for the most part wrote their TeleOp so as to demonstrate using the RobotC language. He then handed the computer to Amanda and guided her through writing an autonomous. This enabled her to finish her autonomous. They claimed that our team was both gracious and professional for doing this.

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