11.8.12-More Torque!


  • Hunter
  • Fletcher
  • Mark
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Erik



  • Bring the robot back to school
  • Program for a new TeleOp to fit the motors
  • Build or plan for a scoop
  • Improve torque on scissor lift


Evan has been ill this week, and the robot has been at his house since last Thursday (hence no meeting Tuesday), so Mark had to go to his house before school and grab the robot and the parts.

During the meeting, Hunter made a new TeleOp, TeleOpHR that used all of the current motors we have on the robot, such as the Scissor motors, the hand motors, the hand servo, the drive motors, and the scoop motor.

Mark built a scoop to move rings from the floor to the base plate on the field.

Erik worked on giving the Scissor more torque

Fletcher attached the power switch

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