12.11.12-Pre-Competition Checks


    • Mark
    • Evan
    • Hunter
    • Dante
    • Erik
    • Fletcher



  • Make sure everyone gets permission forms for Saturday
  • Test the robot and find and fix problems
  • Install new innovations that were worked on over the weekend
  • Plan how to make the trifold display for Saturday
  • Add to the journal


Time to get everything as ready as possible for the Claremont FTC competition on Saturday.  First we installed a new motor box so we could plug each motor for the scissor lift into separate ports.  Evan thinks that this has made the scissor lift twice as fast.

We also installed a new, more simple hand on the robot that is a basket with two compartments for 2 rings and it is made out of metal and does work better than our old hand.

Then we got to testing the robot.  This showed we probably shouldn’t for the top row because our scissor lift was really slow and it is hard to make the driving exact in getting right under the rings to pick them up so we want to make a mechanism that moves the hand forward on a slide so the driving just had to be in the general area and the accessories driver can take care of the rest.

We have also lately been talking a lot about infrared sensors and how to use them to detect exactly where the IR sensor is so we can get the extra fifty points in the autonomous period.

Hunter and Fletcher, since the programming did not need too much work, made a lot of ideas on the whiteboard about how we could improve our display on the trifold because we just threw it together last time and we would like to put an actual screen on the display while having all of our faces and a short biography about our team.  See here for a detailed explanation.

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