12.13.12-The Rubber didn’t Burn


  • Fletcher
  • Mark
  • Hunter
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Erik
  • Evan



  • Perfect all we can on the robot
  • Put rubber inserts in our treads
  • Continue to improve notebook
  • Plan driving to the competition
  • Test every parts


Today was our second to last meeting before the Claremont competition on Saturday.  We made some of the last adjustments to the robot but we did some testing.  We put the rubber inserts on the treads.  This actually completely messed up the driving.  The parts of the treads that had sprockets on them would move up and down based on wether there was a large gap between inserts.  This did not make the driving of the robot immediately better.

Evan found that one of the drive shafts for the scissor lift was damaged, so that ended up needing to be fixed.

The rubber inserts took forever to put in which left us with barely any time left.

Mark worked the entire time on the notebook but still has a lot left to do.  We took the robot home after the meeting.

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