11.1.12-Some Little Adjustments


    • Mark
    • Evan
    • Hunter
    • Chris
    • Dante
    • Erik
    • Fletcher



  • Work on programming
  • Attach Develop ideas for hands
  • Adjust frame


We attached some of the motor boxes in an efficient way so all of the ports were open to all of the robot, all though we were still a little unsure of the placement.  Erik and Chris and Dante helped with that.  Mark experimented with some ideas for the hand using servos as well as NXT motors for the hand to place the rings on the pegs.  We came up with an autonomous, or at least a basic one that could have served to at least move the robot around.  Hunter and Fletcher worked on the teleOP a little to code just for servos and NXT motors.  Evan made small adjustments just to the frame for convenience.

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