• Mark
    • Evan
    • Hunter
    • Chris
    • Erik
    • Fletcher
    • Dante



  • Modify the hand
  • Test the scissor lift
  • Adjust the main frame of the robot to suit our needs


We brought the robot back and it was improved.  The frame was changed a little although just in its length one way.  We attempted to improve the hand by putting a light rubber band in between it to pull the sides together and grip the ring but it wasn’t able to move away from the middle, so we discarded the idea.  We also tried to test the scissor lift but it completely failed.  The motors were pulling too far to the sides and the motors themselves were not powerful enough to make the scissor lift go up so the motors started smoking and smelling and we stopped it immediately.  We realized many changes were needed to apply to the scissor lift.

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