2.12.13-For San Diego!


  • Mark
  • Fletcher
  • Evan
  • Hunter



  • Discuss plans for how to get Inspire and do well at San Diego
  • Improve notebook
  • Tune IR autonomous


This meeting was majorly based on making concrete plans for what we want to get done before we go back to San Diego.  There are a generally large amount of things to do, Especially concerning the notebook.  The list that we made for what to do and who will do it is as follows:

  • Slides on the Robot-Evan
  • Tune Autonomous-Hunter
  • Notebook Business Plan/Receipts-Mark
  • Design and Send out Invite Fliers to Grade Schools-Hunter
  • Samantha Fix-Evan
  • TeleOP Edit-Hunter and Fletcher
  • Notebook Source Code-Fletcher
  • Notebook Callouts (referring to the awards)-Mark, Everyone
  • Poster-Fletcher

We wrote all of these plans down and we will do our best to get these things done before San Diego.

Hunter and Fletcher were working on the autonomous of our robot because it definitely needed fixing.  Before they started, they had only really tuned the autonomous that went to the center goal which did work once at the competition but it did not help the autonomous going to the side posts.  But, since the center one still wasn’t perfect, they spend most the time we had left re-adjusting the center autonomous path.  Although not finished, we still made some progress on this, there is a lot more to do before San Diego Regionals.

The notebook probably leaves one of the biggest challenges of all.  We may not end up putting the drawer slides on the robot for lack of time.  We think that the best way to give us the best chance of getting the inspire award so we can qualify for nationals is to try to get the think award while enhancing our notebook to support all of the other awards as well.  This will be a big task done mostly by Mark and Fletcher, but with a little help from the rest of the team as well.

We have our work cut out for us.

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