9.13.12-Hands, Hands, Hands, and a Robot


  • Fletcher
  • Erik
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Mark
  • Ares



  • Learn how to use buttons on the Logitec controllers
  • Convert hand prototypes to practical models
  • Maintain robot


We installed Google Drive on the computer to promote publicity for the team.  We researched how to use the various buttons on our Logitech controllers within the programming so we can use the different buttons in the best, most efficient ways.  We also took apart the old hand and made a complete new one fit for testing because the old one was fit to pick up  racquet balls and crates from last year so we had to make a new one that may be able to pick up rings so it will be useful for this year.  We mounted motor & servo controllers on the robot and organized the body of the robot so there would be room for the accessories we want to put on the robot.

The robot:

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