11.29.12-Geared for Speed


    • Mark
    • Evan
    • Hunter
    • Chris
    • Dante
    • Erik



  • Fix the gears on the robot for the scissor lift
  • Test the new gears


Today we re-geared the robot from having a 1:2 ratio to having a 2:1 ratio, or the opposite of how we had it.  Since we only need to pick up rings that are very light, we did didn’t need to gear it down so we made it for speed.  We tested it and it did work, and it was faster, but not quite as fast as other robots may be, but we were fine with it because it would still allow us to get points.



We continued to program the TeleOp and are still in the process of making all the bits in it work with the robot, specifically the servos.

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