Claremont 12.15.12


  • Fletcher
  • Mark
  • Hunter
  • Dante
  • Erik
  • Evan



  • Get first place
  • Get the Inspire award
  • Get chosen for the winning alliance


At this competition at the beautiful Webb School in Claremont, California, we had a great time.  We started our day by setting up our poster board which we built the night before.  Many teams were impressed how we had a monitor in our poster board.  After, Hunter, Fletcher, and Evan went and did hardware and software inspection and Mark, Erik, and Dante went and scouted.

The inspections were uneventful; we had to update a couple things, firmware and program chooser namely.  The robot passed.

Scouting went well.  We scouted 7 of the 14 teams at the beginning and 7 of the 14 teams at lunch.

Then came our first match.  It started wonderfully with the flawless blocking autonomous, then came the TeleOp phase where we got 2 rings on the top level for 30 points, which won us the match, 30 – 0.

Our second match came, going similarly to the first.  We won again, 15 – 0, putting us in 1st place.

We then had lunch, and during our lunch we put rubber inserts into the treads on the robot in order to give it more traction.

Our third match came and did not go how we expected.  The autonomous worked, but it struggled turning.  The TeleOp phase also did not go smoothly.  Rings were not gotten from the dispenser quiet so well, rings were not put on the rack easily, rings were dropped.  We did not win this match, so we investigated the problem between matches.  We had too much traction.  The rubber inserts did what they were designed to do, but they did that too well.

After lunch, we removed them and all was well, but our most difficult opponents were yet to come.

We had a match where we and our alliance partner felt that we could get 2 tic-tac-toe bonuses, though we did not, and we ended the match losing badly.

We had another lost match, and ended the tournament in 14th.

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