1.3.13 Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get the Computer from Hunter


  • Fletcher



  • Get robot
  • Set up computer to use RobotC
  • Test IR autonomous

What Happened

Fletcher went to Evan’s house and got the robot.  He then went home and installed RobotC on his computer.  He set up a practice field (though it may be low end).

Once all this was done, Fletcher went to the code and made a couple small changes to the IR autonomous, like adding a waitforstart(), and uploaded the program to the robot.  Upon running it on the NXT, it read an error: “IRautonomous2.c Bad State!”

The program failed.  TeleopHR was ran and it worked fine, so Fletcher thought that perhaps it was the fact that he was using a Mac with a Virtual Machine (VM) rather than a PC.  He uploaded a version of TeleopHR that had worked in the past and it read a similar error, except it said TeleopHR.c rather than IRautonomous.c.  This confirms that it was the computer rather than the software that was causing the problem.  He went searching the internet for a solution, but he came upon none.  He went to the RobotC website for help and went on the page explaining how to run RobotC on OS X, and it said that Virtual Box wasn’t supported with their virtual world software, indicating that perhaps they didn’t support Virtual Box too well with RobotC.

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