How to Make a Suit Bots Promote Award Video

In order to make a Suit Bots Promote Award video, there are some steps you ought to follow.

Step 1
Choose a theme for the video.  Generally, Hollywood directors have this figured out, we chose the trailer from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, Dr. Strangelove.

Step 2
Plan the video.  Write a script, make a screenplay, there’s all sorts of fun stuff you can do for this part.  This step is vital, as it will make everything go smoother.  We forgot to write a list of shots that we needed to take, so what could have been one day of filming ended up being two because the person calling the shots said he had the shots he needed, when actually he didn’t.

Step 3
Plan your time.  Deadlines are always very important, they give you a sense of urgency.  “Oh dear, I have english homework due tomorrow!”  Choose days where your writing and screenplays will be finished, choose days to do filming, a day where all the editing will be completed (one week before a competition is usually what’s asked).

Step 4
Film.  You’ve ought to have already planned your shots, so this step should be straightforward.

Step 5
Edit.  If you have a Mac, iMovie works very well.  Otherwise, you might want to consider getting a favor from a friend who has a Mac.  If you want to pay more than the cost of an operating system, there’s also Adobe Premier, though it’s quiet expensive.  Editing, though is quiet fun.

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