Setting up for the Regional Qualifier


  • Fletcher
  • Erik
  • Hunter
  • Evan
  • Chirs
  • Mark
  • Dante



  • Make poster board
  • Set up competition
  • Make plan for reaching out to other teams


Fletcher was the first to arrive and and had a conversation with Mr. Dobson about the rest of the season.  He said that there was one team that went to one of the competitions that we went to (the Rock N’ Roll Robots at the Webb school competition) that only got a small award, but they also went to a competition in San Diego (where the remainder of our regional qualifiers are held) and got the Inspire award.  Mr. Dobson suggested that perhaps we could also do well.  He also said that, because we have done a lot of outreach recently, we might have a problem getting out to the judges what all we’ve done.

Fletcher earlier had taken pictures of the robot on a black background, so he had printed them out at home.  Mr. Dobson allowed Fletcher to use his paper cutter to prepare the photos for the poster board.

Evan and Hunter came later and were assigned to moving parts of both ours and the Rock N’ Roll Robots’ field.  Fletcher was put in charge of disassembling our field.  It was difficult to disassemble the border of the field because none of the people disassembling it had ever taken apart the border.

Fletcher, Hunter, and Mark worked on assembling the field in the old gym where the pit is. They also put together the tiles for the field and taped them.  Hunter found that if you rub the area where two tiles meet that has tape, then it is easy to cut the tape so you don’t have to retape the tiles the next time you assemble the field.

We then had dinner, courtesy of Mr. Dobson.

After dinner, early check-in teams began arriving.  The Flea Bits team from Pasadena High came and so did a team from San Diego.  The Flea Bits found they needed a part for their robot that they didn’t have, so all three Monrovia teams gave them that part, so they gave us an honorable mention in their engineering notebook.

Hunter and Fletcher laid out cable for Mr. Bugert so that the pits would have an audio and a visual feed from the competition area.  The audio cable was difficult because it got very tangled.

The day ended and everyone went home with enough time to get 6 hours of sleep before the next day’s competition.

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