9.11.12-Ring it Up


  • Fletcher
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Hunter
  • Evan
  • Mark
  • Ares



  • Design bits for the robot
  • Discuss End Game
  • Discuss the season


We met with our adviser Mr. Corey Porter to decide on how the season will go. We assigned different members of the team to different awards, like this:

  • Think Award – Hunter
  • Connect Award – Fletcher
  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Award – Evan
  • PTC Design Award – Chris
  • Motivate Award – Mark
  • Inspire Award – Everyone

By getting these awards, we intend on being the best team, not just on the field, but also the best team at getting awards.

We started new arm design, new chassis, and discovered that the old TeleOp works. We had an interesting discussion on how we intend to lift the other robot in the endgame.  We began to discuss the design of the robot and we want to try to get the rings as well as attempt to lift another robot.  We got a new green bin of parts.

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