9.8.12-FTC Robotics Kickoff


  • Fletcher
  • Erik
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Hunter
  • Evan
  • Mark
  • Ares



  • Have the kick-off
  • Take apart the robot
  • Get ready for the new season


We hosted the kickoff event today in which we invited many other schools to come and to show them the kickoff video to introduce the new field and set of rules.  Our parents and mentors set up the new robotics field right outside the room where we showed the video, and all of the teams that came were given a set of rules and served pizza while they, including us, got some time to plan the designs of the robot for the season.

We brainstormed major ideas for the beginning of our upcoming season as a robotics team.  We began taking apart the previously robot, updated RobotC and got new firmware on the NXT.  Because we updated RobotC, the program didn’t know that we used Tetrix parts (we were ignorant of this), so upon compiling the old code from last year, we got a mess of errors.  Farr, from team 4153 Dark Matter pointed out to us that we have to set RobotC for “NXT + Tetrix/Matrix” before we compile our code.  Once we did this, all was well. Hunter and Fletcher decided that we need a new computer and discussed how we might get the money for one.  After everyone left, our workstation was a mess, therefore we must clean up better before we leave.

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